Founders Message

Children are like tiny buds; each is different and needs care. However each is beautiful alone and glorious when seen in the community of peers. It has always intrigued me how children are able to learn much faster than adults. This is because their learning is natural and they haven’t fallen into the rigid structure of what we call school. Children have a tendency to explore and question things, because of their utter fascination with the world around them.

Being a teacher myself for more than a decade with an experience of teaching toddlers as well as teens, I realise that early childhood care is what plays an important role in the child's development. It is therefore important to understand the impact of these services and to ensure their quality and accessibility.

I have always wanted to provide high quality child care as it can have a positive influence on the child’s development and help build a better nation. As an increasing number of mothers are in the workforce and most children ages 2 and older now attend a child care facility on a regular basis, it has become critical that young children from all backgrounds should have access to high-quality child care and early education.

At Niño & Niña we intend providing just this!
Divya Joshi

While almost any man can father a child, there is so much more to the important role of being dad in a child's life and being one really changed my perspective towards life in general.

In my busy corporate schedule, I always ensured that I spent quality time with my son as well as attend all his school functions. Seeing the playschools from a Parents Perspective, I realised that a lot more can be done when it comes to the holistic development of the child in a playschool.

I have seen that playschools encouraged more focus on pre-math and pre-literacy skills which in turn, cuts into important play time and pushed children to grow up too fast. Hence, I got encouraged to build a high-quality preschool to benefit children’s learning and development.

At Niño & Niña I am determined to build a safe and secure environment for young children to learn social skills and emotional self-control in “real time.”
Nishchal Arora

Our Origin

Language is the biggest barrier to human progress because language is an encyclopedia of ignorance. Old perceptions are frozen into languages and they force us to see the world in the same conventional ways.

There is no language barrier when it comes to kids as the language they understand is that of love n affection. Breaking the norms of stereotype we choose the name, Niňo & Niña which has a Spanish origin meaning little boy n little girl.

We will strive to provide your Niños n Niñas an environment with no boundaries to let their imagination conquer the world!

Our Philosophy

At Niño & Niña we believe in the holistic development of children and focus on addressing all the needs of a child, be it emotional, physical, relational, intellectual, creative and spiritual.

This perspective to development encourages our caregivers and facilitators to look at the child as a whole and not focus on the individual parts. Niňo & Niňa's approach is a more open and explorative method of learning and development rather than the traditional fact memorization and passive learning.

Each child is looked at as an individual and we find different learning opportunities through different paths.

A Niño & Niña facilitator will give your toddler opportunities to engage in open-ended play while building warm relationships and recognizing the importance of the child’s development. Through this holistic approach, the facilitator can focus on the unique aspects of the child.