Niño & Niña Day Care is a home away from home where a child is engaged meaningfully in developing skills with joy. Niňo & Niňa Day Care offers personal care and attention to children between 1 to 12 years.

The day care environment replicates the warmth, comfort and security of home. Child friendly equipment, safety measures and security personnel enhance safety.

Learning corners, ball pool and light tables add a sense of wonder to a rich and stimulating environment. A play house, a puppet stand, a small library, age appropriate toys are also at hand.
Well trained child care supervisors, ensure that each child’s needs are well attended to. Health takes precedence, with weekly sanitization of sleeping areas, toys and regularly handled equipment.

Food is prepared and stored in hygienic conditions. The menu is shared with the parents every week.

Our systematically and thoughtfully planned curriculum helps in the overall development of the child.

Our transport vehicles are equipped with GPS. Latest news and updates through WhatsApp and Facebook are broadcasted at regular intervals.

Our unique co-curricular activities offer opportunities to expose children to various activities such as sports, fireless cooking and dance.