Flexi Daycare – For “ME” Time

Parenthood is a 24/7, 365 day a year job. You do not accumulate sick leave or get paid time off, and there are no regular hours when you're raising children. To save your sanity, you have to carve out some time for yourself.

We focus on helping you when you have an urgent child care need. We work depending on your availability. Flexi Daycare offers your child the best environment so go ahead and…

Take some much-deserved you time

Parents can take care of their own spiritual and emotional needs. After all, you are person first and a caregiver second. Plan movie or pick a solitary activity that's just for you.

Maintain your body

Fitting in exercise or going to a spa/parlour becomes complicated after the kids come. When you feel your best, you're more likely to act your best as well. If it takes a sitter to get to the gym, then get the sitter.

Help foster your kids' independence

Your children need exposure to other authority figures from time to time. You'll always be the most important person in their lives, but spending time with the occasional sitter teaches them independence.

Release stress

When the responsibilities of running a household are getting you down, take a step back to realign your priorities. Get away from the mess and the schedule so that you can come back ready to tackle the house again.

Go out without the guilt

Family and close friends are great resources for childcare, but using these people over and over can leave you feeling like there's a debt that needs paying. Establishing a childcare co-op with us will let you leave the kids and the guilt behind for the day.

Give the kids a treat

Many kids love spending time with a different adult. We can introduce your kids to new games and activities, which they're sure to love.

Decrease your own separation anxiety

It's hard to leave your kids at times, especially if you have a new baby. Regularly hiring a babysitter whom you trust and leaving her alone with your baby for short amounts of time will help decrease your anxiety. No one can do it as well as you, but that doesn't mean a sitter won't do a good job.